Assignment 2

There were many common interests which caught my eye, yet here I am going to post my top 5 common interests that I thought were quite popular. Some of these common interests were very predictable, but there was one which I didn’t expect to have in my     top 5. Some of the themes that is portrayed from these common interests are: appeals to a sense (like hearing, vision, etc.), Education, and Social networking. Here is the list:

Common Interests:

1) Music (Appeals to hearing)

2) Software development or programming (Education)

3) Snapchat (Social)

4) Video games (Social)

5) Sports (Self-explanatory)

Next, this top 5 will be about the reasons behind taking the course, and to my surprise, a lot of people wanted to take this course, regardless of whether it fulfills their course credit or not. Some common traits are: Education, Usefulness, and Requirement. Here is my top 5:

Common Reasons:

1) To learn about new media (Education)

2) To fulfill one of the CSCE credits (Requirement)

3) Potential uses for future programmers (Usefulness)

4) Human interaction with technology (Usefulness)

5) To observe how new media is being developed today (Education)

Lastly, this top 5 will be about the different types of media that is most commonly used today. Surprisingly, some of the media in this top 5 I have not heard about, which allows me to broaden my perspective and potentially use more media today. I also had to google some of the media which people were talking about! Some common categories are: Social Communications, Entertainment, and Worldwide-events. Here is my top 5:

Common Media:

1) Phone (Social Communications)

2) Netflix (Entertainment)

3) Music (Entertainment)

4) Whatsapp (Social Communications)

5) News (Worldwide-events)